UCGO is an UC Gundam MMORPG which is no longer in service, it was shutdown in 2007.

This website UCGOSERVER.COM is a privately run server for UCGO being around since 2009. However since December 2019 it is no longer open to the public and has been made open source.

Source code for the server can be downloaded from the link in the menu. Together with the game client and anything else you need to setup your own UCGO server.

With the server source code you can setup a server for your own private single player use, in a local network just for PVP or public use like I did here.



Hello there and thanks for all the hard work maintaining this project! A question from a not very tech-savvy viewpoint: In this post you have mentioned setting up a server for private single player use – the guide and explanations on the site are geared towards online multiplayer servers. How would one go about setting up a (possibly offline, possibily domain-less) simple one-player server/moded client for local/same pc use? On a related matter: any pointers on how to set up for LAN use?
Again, thanks for all the effort and for keeping UCGO alive! As a fan of 0079 I gotta say that no game quite captures the feel of the original as this one does!

Reply from Admin

For a LAN you do it the same way as for a public server. But when setting the IP of the domain it should point to the private IP of the server on the LAN and not a public IP. If you run the server on the same computer as the client set the IP to

If you don’t want to buy a domain you will have to setup your own DNS server and tell UCGO to use that DNS server, this is done in the gameclient.cfg file.


Super late to the party here, and wanted to try my hand at running this single player to relive the nostalgia. I managed to get it all set up using localhost/ as the DNS, linking the chat/info/login to each of those, etc.

When I start the server, I get a couple of errors. One about accounts not loading from file, one about team data not loading from file, and one about container data not loading from file. I managed to fix the account one by adding an “accounts.txt” file in the userdata folder, which caused one for a “characters.txt” that I also fixed. I don’t know if this is the cause of my problem, but here’s the main one:

Initially when I tried to setup, I ran into the issue where my login button was greyed out. I finally solved that by forwarding the ports and setting the IP/DNS correctly. I finally got in and made a character, but when I hit “start”, it just sits on an infinite loading screen. I’m not sure what I’m missing at this point, as I followed the instructions on the download page, the instructions in the google drive document, and have tinkered myself to get to where I am now. I’m using the UCGO Server files and UCGO client, so I’m a bit at a loss of where to go from here.

Reply from Admin

It’s because you’re running the client and server on the same computer. This used to work in Windows 7 and 8 but with Windows 10 it seems you can’t do that anymore.


Hi, follow up – I kept tinkering after your statement about Windows 10. I tried running the server off of a Win7 Laptop I have on the network, and like you said was instantly able to connect to and play on the server with a client running on the same laptop. But upon trying to connect to it from my main Win10 PC after swapping around the domain IP to the laptop’s internal LAN IP, the client on my main PC either locks up, or will load for a split second, then throw up Error 61, which when I translate it, says “The Server Cannot Be Found”, which is odd, because I can partially see the geometry of the game world load before the error screen pops up.

Any advice on that front? It’s clearly initially finding the server, because it lets me log in, make a character, and then get to the actual loading screen, but then it just loses track of the server I guess? I know my router supports NAT Loopback/Hairpinning, so I don’t think that’d be the issue, as it manages to access other parts of the login process on the server.

Reply from Admin

No I don’t know. If the client starts loading the game world then it has connected to the game server so there shouldn’t any issues with the connection.

Anyway if you can’t get it to work you can always go to the ucgohost server … assuming it is still running.


Very sad see how this game ended, i hope you hard work could go to git hub sir. Very appreciate others see your art.


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